Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers from Japan!

Today is Mother’s Day here in Japan, back at home in Belgium, and in many other countries.Since my mother is Mexican, I should mention that in Mexico, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on 10 May (right, mamá? 😉).

In Japan, Mother’s Day is celebrated mostly as one would expect, the most distinguishing feature being the giving of red carnations to mothers.

Ceci n’est pas un œillet commun.

Okay, these are no red carnations but it’s one of our own pictures and it’s pretty, so there you go.

Because we’re both pretty busy we didn’t do anything special today, but yesterday, we ate at the small, unassuming Bar/Tacos Ritz (リッツ) (link to popular Japanese food review website Tabelog) in Nara. It’s run by a Japanese couple and they serve some very nice Mexican food for a decent price.

When I say unassuming, I mean that it’s a little hard to find. It’s the last little restaurant in a narrow side street of Tsunofurichō, a street full of shops and restaurants close to Nara’s central Kintetsu railway station. This little place is not even pinned on Apple Maps, so here’s the address:

1-1, Hashimotocho, Nara, Nara, Japan 630-8217

Not sure if posting this will influence their popularity, but with only about 12 seats, filling it up with customers is not too hard.

Another great point: their ingredients are as fresh as they get. While we were eating, we saw them run out of some ingredients. The lady quickly went out to resupply at a nearby store, while her husband stayed and kept cooking.

To top it all off, we made pancakes following a Belgian recipe that evening and they were really good.

Here’s to both of our mothers!

Love, H&N

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers from Japan!

  1. Sonja Schoevaerts 14 May 2018 — 16:37

    Heerlijk dat jullie even stil staan bij Moederdag, bedankt allebei.
    Hopelijk heeft het restaurantje baat met de reclame want het ziet er verrukkelijk uit.

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    1. María del Rosario Flores Martínez 20 May 2018 — 05:05

      Bedankt voor de mooie bloemetjes 🌸🌸🌿 voor Moederdag, ik denk dat deze bloemen zelfs nog mooier zijn dan de rode carnations 🌺. En leuk dat jullie Mexicaans eten 🌮🌯 hebben gegeten, het ziet er lekker uit en gezellig zoals in México.

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