Want to know more about our life in Japan? Ask a Chopstick! 失

With roughly eight months to go in our exchange programmes, there’s still a ton of things to write about and naturally, each topic will be more interesting to some than to others. Now that the first quarter of the Japanese academic year is coming to an end, we are thinking of doing a Q&Aat the end of this semester (end of July, beginning of August). Depending on the number of received questions, we might move this up or down the calendar.

To ask us a question, simply go to our Ask a Chopstick page and fill in the form (you don’t need to subscribe to fill it in!) or tweet us @chopstick2gethr.

Some hints and topics to get you started:

  • Specific questions on Nara or Kobe (or by extension, the Kansai area)
  • Have a deep question? If it’s interesting enough, we might go on a quest to find your answer…
  • About Japanese Studies,in order to help other students (especially our juniors at KU Leuven)
  • You could ask how we feel about something from different gender perspectives.
  • We are willing to consider making a video of something if there is enough demand for it.
  • Should there ever be an amazing request that truly sets our hearts on fire, we might even run a small funding campaign to make it possible.

Ask away, Chopstickers! 失

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